Badger netting installed by Vincent Fencing

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We chose all of our equipment (as per DEFRA regulations) with low ground pressure tracks which are also all adapted to industrial/commercial site projects. They are all classed as 'lightweight' as far as machines are concerned. We can fast-tow anywhere due to all machinery being under 3.5t so no need to worry about access issues etc and we undertake projects across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Over the years we have run various Protech style post drivers and are currently operating a Protech Compact machine which for its size really packs a punch. It has a 300Kg weight fitted with a rock spike system from standard sizes to an 11 inch bomb which we find ideal for gate posts in loose/soft ground. It also has an auger drive fitted for exceptionally hard ground and a levelling blade. Its other features include a variable track width and a wire unroller so minimal passes will be needed on wet & soft ground.

We also run a 2.7t Kubota U27-4 Excavator. Other than it being a digger, due to the large number of available attachments, it can turn its hand to many applications. It is available with the following attachments:

Various buckets (plated suitable for utilities work)
Land rake
2m wide dredging bucket for water course banks & ponds
Protech P18 Post driver (180Kg Hammer) For hard-to-reach areas
Hydraulic auger drive with flights from 3" up to 12"
Fixed 5 tined grab, ideal for clearance work
Hydraulic flail for vegetation management (Trimming hedges & rides in confined spaces)
Wire unroller (For hard to reach areas)
Safety features including amber & green light beacon (For site works)
Rear view safety camera (For working in confined spaces)

The most recent addition to the fleet is a 1.9t Avant 750 (Multitool). Again, a lightweight but very capable machine with a safe working lifting capacity of 1.4 tons (Pallet forks) this machine is ideal for getting materials across sites not accessible by larger telehandlers, it also can power up to 200 various attachments included flail mowers/mulchers/stone buriers etc.

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment is only available with operator.

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